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Maker Faire & Heroes

Maker Faire was wonderful and very inspiring. The musical tesla coils and the computer fabrication corner (laser cutters, 3d printers, CNC milling and so forth) were my favorite bits, but it was full of all sorts of awesome. Reminded me of all sorts of projects I've been wanting to do, and gave me lots of ideas for other ones.

There is apparently going to be an Austin branch of TechShop, there is going to be a meet up about it on Tuesday. If I didn't have my biology class that night, I'd totally be there. I hope they have all the same cool toys the one in the Bay Area has. I'd really like to take one of the metal casting classes.

On a different (but no less geeky) note, the regularly scheduled Fort Norton showings of Heroes start back up tomorrow. We'll start at 7:00pm with last weeks episode and watch the new one at 8:00. Let me know if you need directions to Fort Norton.
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Agave Rye Pale Ale

I made some beer. It was reasonably tasty. The five gallons are almost gone now¹.

I fully intend to make another batch.

¹ I didn't drink it all by myself, I promise. About half of it was consumed by Sasona and associated party goers.
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Apparently some folks have figured out how to identify the digital camera that took a particular digital photograph based on some sort of stochastic noise profile generated by analyzing previous photographs taken by the same device.

So, which software utility will be available first, the one that lets you "erase" the digital fingerprint from your photographs, or the one that will let you change the fingerprint to look like it came from a different camera?